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Tax Carnival #69: Tax Deadline Day 2010

Seeking tax helpThere are fewer than four full days until millions of us finally get our 1040s or filing extension requests into the IRS.

Yes, you can count me in that number. As soon as I post this, it's back to putting the finishing touches on my 20009 return.

Every year the mid-April due day sneaks up on me. Since I am definitely not alone -- the IRS says that each year, around 10 million taxpayers ask for more time to complete their returns -- the theme for today's collection of tax blogging insight and information is 69th Tax Carnival: Deadline Day 2010.

And because as I noted I've got personal tax work to take care of, let's get right to it.

Dan Meyer presents CCH: Five Reasons to Get Your Tax Return out the Door, posted at Tick Marks.

Jamma warns us about the Top 10 Tax filling Mistakes - Part 1, posted at Insurance and Finance.

Once you're through with your return, check out FMF and his Five Tax Rules You Should Consider Implementing, posted at Free Money Finance.

Tom has 5 Simple Tax Tips To Save You Money, posted at Canadian Finance Blog.

Retirement is on the minds of many bloggers this time.

Jen E.says don't file your taxes without first learning and using the new tax rules for IRAs. More in IRA Tax Rules, posted at Investment Advice.

Wenchypoo says the Health Care Act Gives Boost to Roth Conversions, posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo's Mental Wastebasket.

Consumer Boomer presents Roth IRA Conversion Tax Rules, posted at Consumer Boomer.

Kim Luu has some info on tax-favored self-employment retirement plans, posted at Money and Risk.

David deSouza presents Overseas Student Tax Tips, posted at Tax Return Blog. If you are an overseas student or if you ever have been, says David, this post provides some tips on how to claim a tax rebate if you worked while studying.

PaydayLoner asks, What If You Can't Pay Your Taxes? How to Deal With the IRS, posted at PaydayLoner. It's not as bad as you might think.

Many folks have waited this long because they're making sure they get their returns perfect to avoid undue IRS attention.

Jim provides us with Tax Audit Red Flags, posted at Bargaineering.

And just in case, Super Saver offers advice on Being Prepared for an IRS Audit, posted at My Wealth Builder.

Linsey Knerl presents 5 Reasons to Use Tax Prep Software, posted at MyLifeScoop.

Silicon Valley Blogger asks a question that many investors have raised: Is Your Retirement Investment Portfolio Tax Efficient? It's posted at The Digerati Life.

Jessica Bosari presents What You Need to Know About Taxes and the Mortgage Debt Relief Act of 2007, posted at Billeater.

Praveen tells us that Almost 1/2 of U.S. Households Don't Pay Federal Income Tax. Details at Simple Trading System.

For those who do file, Keith Morris reminds us that you can't wait forever to file your taxes even if you don't owe. Find out more at Late With Your Taxes? What You Need to Know, posted at Keith Morris.

Jeff Rose examines What to Do With Unfiled Tax Returns, posted at Jeff Rose.

Mr. ToughMoneyLove says working with retirees as a volunteer tax preparer teaches life lessons galore. He talks about some of them in My Life as a Volunteer Tax Preparer – Ch. 2.8, posted at Tough Money Love.

Did you file a while back? Then you probably will want to check out Madison DuPaix's post How Long Does it Take to Get Your Tax Refund Back? It's, posted at My Dollar Plan.

Are you worrying about the coming 2011 tax rate changes? Michael looks at why they might matter more than people may think in 2011 Tax Increases = -6% Drop in GDP? It's posted at

Celebrities get a lot of attention not just from us regular folk, but sometimes also from the IRS. Rowena Hebert takes a look at the 10 Most Famous Tax Evaders of All Time, posted at Career Overview.

So that you won't end up on that list, if you just can't finish your return by Thursday, check out Ryan's post on How to File a Tax Extension, posted at Military Finance Network.

And with that, my fellow procrastinating tax filers, we wrap up the 69th Tax Carnival: Deadline Day 2010.

I'm also taking advantage of being the founder and host of the Tax Carnival to recommend a few of my recent posts:

And don't forget to peruse the Tax Carnival archives for additional tax advice and insight.

1040 icon_square Starting in May, we return to our monthly Tax Carnival posting schedule. You can be a part of that May 3 event by sending your tax post (and tax-only items please; check the guidelines for details) to the Blog Carnival page.

We'll see you then (and before, too, I hope!). Now get your return done!


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Steve, so sorry. I'm trying to do too many things at once. Was it a deadline-specific topic? If so please send me the link and I'll add it; if it's not April 15 specific, resubmit and I'll include in May's carnival. Thanks. Kay


You sent me an email but did not include my article.


Its crunch time. Must finish taxes tonight!! I have no other time. Thanks for all the tips and todays reminder.

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