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Coffee card tax bribe doesn't work

Starbucks_xJasonRogersxs Yes, Starbucks has turned its operations around. But a cup of Joe from the Seattle-based company still isn't enough to tempt a tax auditor.

A San Francisco woman facing a tax bill of more than $13,000 now is looking at jail time for trying to bribe a public official. 

Kim Oahn Thi Tran (aka Jennifer Kim Tran) allegedly gave the IRS revenue agent in charge of her unpaid taxes case $2,000 and a $100 Starbucks gift card.

Maybe the IRS employee didn't like coffee. Or maybe Tran didn't make it clear that there's no extra charge for a healthy dollop of whipped cream on all the Frappuccinos he could have gotten with that gift card.

But I do see a possible April 15 promotion by Starbucks for folks who need a little extra caffeine to finish their tax filing.

Photo courtesy xJasonRogersxs

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