Wyoming tax tidbit: food taxes
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15 filing tips for April 15

Welcome to this wonderful April 15th!

Too much? Sorry.

How about I make up for the tax enthusiasm with links to 15 posts that could help you finish up today's federal and, in most places, state filing tasks.

1. Final tax weekend tips (they still apply on April 15)

2. Time to get more tax time?

3. Daily Tax Tips

4. Are you ready to file your taxes?

5. 7 new tax laws that could save you money

6. Don't overlook these tax breaks

7. New forms this filing season

8. Schedule L, a new form for nonitemizers

9. Tax breaks without itemizing

10. Continuing Making Work Pay problems

11. Schedule M, yet another new form

12. File Schedule M, or not, and other tax-filing  mistakes not to make

13. Other April 15 tax tasks

14. Figuring your estimated tax amount

15. State tax departments

Here's hoping that you'll soon have your 1040 (or extension request) on its way to the IRS.

As soon as that's done, kick back and enjoy the rest of this fine spring day. You're through with tax filing this year unless, of course, you got an extension. In that case, we'll see you in six months.

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