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Tax Carnival #67: A Pot of Tax Gold

Leprechaun dipping hands into pot of gold

St. Patrick's Day is Wednesday, but we start the week with a collection of tax bloggings that could be very valuable for many of us still working on our returns.

Yes, the theme of our 67th Tax Carnival is A Pot of Tax Gold.

These aren't your typical money-related superstitions. No, we know it takes much more than the luck o' the Irish or a handful of four-leaf clovers to get to the end of the tax-saving rainbow.

So settle in for some Tax Carnival tips that could give "green" just the filing time meaning you're looking for!

Money Infant gets us right into the mood with the observation that April 15 is either the most loved or most hated day of the year, depending on whether you're getting a refund from the good old IRS. Find out which mood MI is in at The Tax Man Cometh, posted at Money Infant.

Now to filing itself.

Back Taxes Help presents When you Should File a Late Tax Return or Request a Tax Extension, posted at Back Taxes Help.

If you opt to delay the filing process, Sun presents How to File a Tax Extension, posted at The Sun's Financial Diary.

Maybe you're putting off filing because you need help. Several Carnivalistas have thoughts on this.

Steve Patterson tells us about Places to Find Free Tax Help, posted at 2008 Taxes.

For our readers to the north, Tom says there are a couple completely free tax preparation programs available to Canadians. Details in Free Alternatives For Preparing Your Taxes at Canadian Finance Blog.

2 Cents looks at another perennial tax time question: Taxes: DIY or Hire a Pro? It's posted at Balance Junkie.

Then there's the software.

FMF presents H&R Block At Home 2010 Federal and State Tax Software Review, posted at Free Money Finance.

The Smarter Wallet also looks at H&R Block Tax Products & Online Services (Formerly TaxCut), posted at The Smarter Wallet.

Lynnae provides us with a TurboTax Review, posted at beingfrugal.net.

One Family presents Turbo Tax Online Price Increases Over The Years – A Comparison, posted at  One Family's Blog.

Silicon Valley Blogger tell us how to Get A TurboTax Discount With A TurboTax Coupon Code, posted at  The Digerati Life.

Regardless of how you get your tax info to the IRS, you'll want to check out this next batch of tax-saving posts.

PT offers us 14 Tax Time Tips over at PT Money.

Lela Davidson presents her Top 4 Ways to Save Money With Kids at Tax Time, posted at  Parenting Squad.

Listen up young filers! Dan Meyer has Tax Tips for Twentysomethings at his blog Tick Marks.

Several of our Carnivalistas take a look at more esoteric tax issues.

"Negotiating debt settlement with your creditors is hard work," says PaydayLoner. "In fact, it's so much like work that the IRS counts it as income." Find out more in Debt Settlement and Taxes, posted at PaydayLoner.

Gavin R. Putland discusses The bailout to end all taxes, posted at Thoughts on Freedom.

Dave takes a look at some unseen levies in Taxing Everything, posted at Cheapo Groovo.

And WC confesses that he almost lost thousands in a real estate move, but instead he learned a way to invest in real estate while protecting dividends from the tax man. Details are in Investing in Real Estate and Raking in Dividends Without Taking a Tax Hit, posted at The Writer's Coin.

Retirement is on the minds of several contributors.

ABC presents How To Convert To A Roth IRA, posted at  ABCs of Investing.

Consumer Boomer reminds us Don't Miss The IRA Contribution Deadline For 2010. Details are at Consumer Boomer.

And we close out our 67th Tax Carnival with a group of postings that definitely could affect how bit a pot of money you have to pay or get back from Uncle Sam.

MDP tells us How to File an Amended Tax Return, posted at My Dollar Plan.

If you didn't correct your return errors with an amended filing, then check out what jim has to say on How to Survive a Tax Audit. That's over at Bargaineering.

Now about those refunds. Darwin says despite what you read, it's not necessarily a bad idea to get a nice big check back from the IRS. In fact, he says there are 6 Reasons You Won't Go to Finance Hell if You're Getting a Tax Refund This Year. Details are posted at Darwin's Finance.

With that, we wrap up our 67th Carnival of Taxes. I hope that at least a few of these add to your personal Pot of Tax Gold.

1040 icon_square We'll be back to help close out March on the 29th. Check back then to see if that Tax Carnival is a lamb or a lion.

And be a part of it by sending your tax post (and truly tax-related stuff only, please; check our guidelines for details) to our Blog Carnival page. In the meantime, feel free to peruse our Tax Carnival archives.


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Tax is part of our obligations. Whether we like it or not.
As a responsible citizen we must not pay our taxes and help the government.

Ron Stone

Very nice collection of tax resources. I've bookmarked it for future reference. Even though I found this blog after the tax deadline, somehow I suspect I'll be filing more tax returns in the future and I bet they won't be getting any simpler.


tax sucks massively
i need to foind meself a pot o gold

Nail Polish

We must pay our tax in time, because it is the only revenue we pay to our government.

The Personal Finance Blog

This is definitely a carnival that's chock-full of valuable tax information. My favorite is the one about Free Alternatives For Preparing Your Taxes. Solid info :-)

Money Infant

Hey I get get to kick things off...whoo hooo! Of wait, it's not really a celebratory holiday is it? Oh well, glad you included me and really great to be the one to kick things off.

Writers Coin

Thanks for including me and the lengthy explanation of what my post was all about!

John @ The Financial Ladder

I love Carnivals.

2 Cents @ Balance Junkie

Thanks for including my article. Love the leprechaun!

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