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Wacky tax deduction time

By now I'm sure you've heard about the recent Tax Court ruling that gender reassignment surgery costs are deductible medical expenses.

You didn't? Then check out TaxProf's item on the ruling. He also includes lots of related links if you want to read even more.

While that was case covered serious medical, social and tax matters, every year we get lots of taxpayers who simply try to get one (or more) obviously questionable deductions past the IRS.

My colleague Jay MacDonald has just compiled his latest look at some of this year's Wackiest tax deductions.

Texas tax twists: I must say I got a chuckle out of a couple of Texas mentions: Willie Nelson and an Austin accountant who was "steered" wrong.

No, Willie's not in tax trouble again. He was cited as an example of someone who can legitimately claim a lot of business travel miles, unlike one clearly questionable road warrior. That guy claimed he traveled so much that his own accountant, who ran the numbers, said "it would have required him to be driving continually all year."

Then there's an Austin CPA whose city upbringing didn't prepare her for some decidedly country deductions regarding breeding stock.

Yep, as I mentioned yesterday in Stick to the tax man, folks sure to get creative during filing season.

If you want to check on some legitimate write-offs, in addition to the daily tax tips, check out this deductible quiz.

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