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Snowmen protest Michigan tax proposal

Plutus 'top tax blog' voting underway

As I mentioned earlier this week, Don't Mess With Taxes has been nominated for The Plutus Award as a top tax blog.

Plutus-awards-finalist-2009 In my giddy nomination announcement (I'll say it again: It's a thrill just to be nominated!), I also threatened promised to let you know when you could help determine the winner of each of the many Plutus Awards categories.

Now's that time.

Flexo at Consumerism Commentary, creator of the awards, explains The Plutus Awards genesis and the voting procedure for the ultimate winners.

If you're so inclined to give the ol' blog a click, thank you!

You can do so by scrolling down the ballot (don't forget to enter your name and e-mail first) and checking the circle in front of Don't Mess With Taxes.

As you work you way along the many finalists in the various categories, I recommend you check those folks' blogs out , too, when you get a chance. There's some fine financial writing on the Web and Flexo deserves many kudos for taking the time to recognize some of them.


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What if we do a pay increase Freeze on the people in WASHINGTON. Lets see what there willing to Sacrafice for there country. all we do is pay taxes Give to the Gov. pay freeze for 5 years That will help some of the deficit. Because we are all sacraficeing, My husband Know is doing the work of 5 men and x-tra hrs. No pay raise in the past two years, I feel the people in the Gov and Fed employee's should feel what we are all feeling.

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