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Tax Twitter Tuesday 02.23.2010

It's Tax Twitter Tuesday time again!

We're in the heart of tax filing season, but some tax folks certainly know how to keep things in perspective:

Twitterbird for T3 @taxmegan  I like managers meetings. They usually lead to food and beer.

All I have to say is can I work in @taxmegan's office!?

Now to other tasty tax matters.

@YoungCPANetwork  IRS initiatives could change compliance landscape for practitioners, taxpayers in 2010: (@AICPA_JofA)

@sherylschuff RT @DianeKennedyCPA: Is Your S Corp a Big Fat IRS Red Flag? <listen to Diane --- payroll tax penalties can be HUGE>

@going_concern  SHOCKER: Accountants Have a Conservative Outlook on the Economy

@CPA_Trendlines  #CPA link- How Life at Chili's is Like a CPA Firm’s Service Model — 

@frazierpresents  "Is the Government Exempt from Sales Tax?" Not necessarily. New post from the Sales Tax Guy at #salestax #tax 

@Stacies_TaxTips  Questions From Readers: Flipping Houses as a Hobby: Today I received this question from a reader about flipping ho...

@joebwan  If you are going to come clean, come clean.: People with lurking tax problems sometimes can file amended returns t... 

@ronideutch  Home office can have hidden tax costs

@turbotax  According to 13% said cheating on your taxes is ok. Fight the trend, ask @teamturbotax how to maximize your refund

@JoeTaxpayerBlog  RT @livingalmost: Roth Conversion: Is it time to convert old IRAs to a Roth IRA? >> good article, commented.

@taxes007  How many non-profit Tweeps we got? As you know the I.R.S. is really looking under the hood of 501C(3)ers. Don't sweat it out, get a CPA.

@taxgirl  Former Top Cop Sentenced for Tax Fraud

@NCTaxPro  "What do I do with a 1099-C?": #fb #in

@JodieIRS  #IRS Tip: Five Tips About the First-Time Homebuyer Credit Documentation Requirements 

@bruce_taxguy I have a new post IRS on Publication 17 enjoy

@Taxdotcom  IRS aggressively tries to bypass appeals function according to former EO director

@bnaitax  Daily Tax Report: IRS Oversight Board survey shows taxpayer support for return preparer regulation effort. 

@2009Taxes  Reading: Oh No! I Am Missing My W2

@rdftaxpro  Today's tax tip at - 

@taxwatchdog  IRS, state say ex-slugger Jose Canseco owes $320k in late taxes

And since we're still enjoying the Olympics (we are, aren't we?), we close this Tax Twitter Tuesday with with a tweet that conjures the spirit of the games:

@adrigonzo  Go USA! =/ RT @MacGhil American exceptionalism. RT @adrigonzo Per the CIA, the US is the Brokest Nation in the World

Thanks to all my Twittering tax colleagues for keeping me (and you!) up to date on tax happenings (and worthwhile managers' meetings!).

At symbol If you're a Twitterer (Tweeter?) follow them -- and me! I'm @taxtweet -- for daily 140-character doses of good tax information.

We'll be back in March with a whole lot more Twitter tax tidbits. See you then -- and in between, too, I hope!

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