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Tax Carnival #64: Groundhog Day

Punxsutawney Phil Makes Annual Groundhog Day Appearance

It's that time of year again. Tomorrow we'll get word from Punxsutawney Phil as to whether we'll have more winter weather or be able to soon unbox our spring attire.

It's also prime tax season. And we don't need a critter to tell us that we've got two and a half months (or if you want the deadlines in days, check out he countdown clock there in the left column) to finish and file our 2009 tax returns.

To make sure you welcome April 15 in good spirits, this day before Groundhog Day edition of the Tax Carnival has lots of helpful filing information.

Billeater offers tips on How to Find the Right Tax Preparer,  posted at Billeater.

Ben presents offers his thoughts on the Best Tax Software for 2009 Returns, posted at Money Smart Life.

PT gives us a Tax Preparation Checklist, posted at Prime Time Money.

Steve Patterson asks When Is The Best Time To Go For A Tax Return Filing? The answer is posted at 2009 Tax.

Four Pillars reminds us of the 2010 Income Tax Deadline for 2009 Taxes, posted at Quest For Four Pillars.

FMF wants to know What Makes You Think You Can Do Your Own Taxes? "How do you know you're getting all the tax breaks you're due? If you're not using a professional, you may be leaving money on the table," says FMF. Find out more at Free Money Finance.

BWL presents Free Federal Tax Software Download with TurboTax, posted at Christian Personal Finance.

Silicon Valley Blogger takes a look at H&R Block Tax Services: Get Ready For Tax Season! It's posted at The Digerati Life.

Patrick elaborates on How Marginal Taxes Work, posted at Cash Money Life.

Dan Meyer gives us This Week's State of the Union: A Tax Perspective, posted at Tick Marks.

Super Saver presents Higher Taxes Likely, even for Those Making Less than $250,000. It's posted at My Wealth Builder.

If that does happen, you'll want to read our next Carnival item.

Sun makes The Case For Higher Taxes, posted at The Sun's Financial Diary.

Jeff Rose warns of the Unforeseen Consequences of the Roth IRA Conversion. Details at Good Financial Cents.

The Smarter Wallet discusses 8 New or Changed 2009 Tax Credits That Can Save You Hundreds, posted at The Smarter Wallet.

MDP tells us How to Donate Your Used Car. The info is posted at My Dollar Plan.

Anthony Samuel presents A List of Tax Deductibles You Might not Believe, posted at Personal Finance Analyst.

Hey, Canadian readers, Tom tells us (you) that "Capital Cost Allowance is a set of rates stating the amount you can claim each year on a depreciable property used for business activities."
He then tells us more at Capital Cost Allowance (CCA), posted at The Canadian Finance Blog.

For our Indian readers, Lubna Kably notes, "A recent decision of a High Court in India seems to indicate that tax has to be withheld in India on all payments made to residents outside India, unless a tax certificate indicating otherwise is obtained from the tax authorities. This will be a huge administrative burden and will slow the wheels of business." She elaborates in Law Street - Economic Times (January 2010) - Should all payments to non residents be subject to tax withholding in India? It's posted at Talking Tax.

Mike Piper presents Investing in a Taxable Account, posted at The Oblivious Investor.

Jim tells us how to How to Report Tax Fraud & Tax Cheats, posted at Bargaineering.

In that same tax vein, Darwin takes a look at a true tax story and presents the Whistleblower Dilemma: Would You Do 3 Years in Prison for $20 Million? It's posted at Darwin's Finance.

That question seems a good place to close out the 64th Carnival of Taxes so we can all ponder our jail/reward ratio. If you blog about how much prison time you'd be willing to endure for a big payout from the feds, you can submit it to our next Tax Carnival on Feb. 15.

You can send that or any other tax post (and truly tax-related stuff only, please; check our guidelines for details) to our Blog Carnival page. In the meantime, feel free to peruse our Tax Carnival archives.


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Can't say I would be willing to endure any jail time!

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Thanks for hosting!


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