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Arizona tax tidbit: solar energy credit

Arizona flag Arizona tax law aims to let its residents take advantage of that state's sunny clime.

Grand Canyon State homeowners who install a solar energy device in their homes may claim a solar energy credit.

The state tax credit for buying and installing a solar energy device is 25 percent of the cost, including installation, or $1,000, whichever is less. If you install more solar equipment in a later year, the cumulative credit cannot exceed $1,000 for the same residence.

And the tax credit isn't refundable. That means it will only zero out what you owe the Arizona tax collector, but the excess won't get you a refund.

However, if you do have excess solar energy credit, you may carry the unused amount forward for up to five consecutive years.

The tax break certainly makes that Southwestern state's legendary heat a tad more tolerable.

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Build Your Own Windmill

Its good to see the states giving tax credits for green projects as well as the Fed

I know they don't have any state income tax in Texas (used to live there) Is there any Texas specific tax incentives?

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