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Tax Guide 2010 is here!

First things first. This post is a blatant plug for my "real" job as contributing tax editor for

So actually, my headline should more appropriately read Tax Guide 2010 is there!

But regardless of where it's actually posted from, the annual Tax Guide is always with me. Back in 1999 I helped launch Bankrate's tax component. I've been doing the job ever since, first in-house when the hubby and I were in Florida where the personal finance Web site is based, and for the last five years remotely from my Austin, Texas, home.

Every year we put together a Tax Guide to help you keep track of the ever changing tax world and get your 1040s filed as quickly -- and, more importantly, with the least damage to your bank balances -- as possible.

Bankrate_logo_2 Bankrate's 2010 Tax Guide made its debut today.

We've got nine categories this year. You'll notice that currently, there are only a few stories in each area, but that will change.

The Tax Guide, like the subject it covers, is organic. We'll be adding more stories throughout the full tax season.

Right now, though, I want to point out three features in particular.

A tax tip a day keeps the auditor away: The first is the Daily Tax Tip. Yep, a new piece of tax info and or advice will appear every work day through April 15. That'll keep me busy!

I'm also going to post a direct link to the day's tap tip here on the ol' blog a little later today ... after I finish writing some more of them for the Tax Guide! And you can subscribe at Bankrate and have the tip delivered directly to you via e-mail if you prefer.

Handy, dandy tax tables and more: A new How Do I ... ? category right now includes some general tax data via tables and forms. Soon we'll be adding videos and calculators to this section.

Your state's taxes: Finally, the feature that's eating up a lot of my time right now is the one devoted to state tax pages.

Every year we provide some general tax info about each state -- and the District of Columbia, too! -- as well as links to those jurisdictions' tax departments. But since that's 51 separate entities and there's only one of me, I've not yet figured out how to get this done in time for the Guide's annual early January debut. We plan on having the state (and D.C.) tax pages up by the end of the month.

I hope you'll check out the Tax Guide today and throughout tax season (and beyond! there's 2010 planning to do, too!) and that you'll find it useful, especially as you work on your return. If you have any suggestions about what you'd like to see in the Guide, just let me know, either here or via Bankrate.

And oh yeah. Just because I'm devoting much of my waking hours (and some dreaming ones, too; yes, some story ideas have come to me as I slept) to the Tax Guide, that doesn't mean I'll neglect the ol' blog. You can't get rid of me that easily!

I'll still be posting at least once a day here on Don't Mess With Taxes because my motto from January 1 through April 15 is Sleep is for Sissies!

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Kevin T

I liked this post very much! The idea of having a guide for taxes annually is brilliant cause consumer habits and other trends change quickly. In the light of that, could you write a tax guide tailor-made for franchisers? It would help a lot of people just starting out in small businesses and have very little know-how in how taxes really work. Thanks and have a great day Kay!

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