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Tax Carnival #63: Filing Season Begins

The holidays are over. Schools are back in session. You've settled back into your workplace routine. And tax filing season 2010 is officially underway. 

With that in mind, we bring you Tax Carnival #63: Filing Season Begins.

We have a small, but valuable collection of tips to help you get your 2009 Form 1040 filing and your 2010 tax planning rolling.

Computer taxes Kicking it off is me (hey, editor's prerogative!) with E-filing 2010 is here ... except for homebuyer credit claimants. It's posted, of course, here on Don't Mess With Taxes.

Staying with the electronic tax theme, Patrick presents How to Enroll for Electronic Tax Payments for Your Individual or Business Taxes. It's posted at Cash Money Life.

PT presents an always welcome tip: File Your Taxes on the Cheap This Year, posted at PT Money.

The same frugal filing approach also comes from Jim, who tells us Don't Pay to File the 1040-EZ. Details are posted at Barganeering.

And Craig Ford examines an always pertinent tax time question: Should You File Taxes Using Tax Software or Hire a Tax Specialist? Find out at Money Help For Christians.

Regardless of whether you do your own taxes, electronically or on paper forms, or hire a pro to take care of the task, you'll want to check out Jeff Rose's Tax Information Checklist: Get Ready to File Before The Deadline. It's posted at Good Financial Cents.

One of the things that might make your tax pre-file list is home office expenses. Our neighbors to the north will want to check out Tom's look at Business-Use-Of-Home Expenses, posted at The Canadian Finance Blog.

1040_calculator OK. That's plenty to think about here at the beginning of tax-filing season. But it's time to think about 2010 taxes, too.

Peter notes that estimated tax payments for self-employed individuals were just due, but it's time to start planning for 2010 payments. To that end, he presents Important Tax Rules For The Self Employed: Payments Are Coming Due! It's posted at Bible Money Matters.

Then there's retirement. Super Saver presents Roth IRA: To Convert or Not to Convert, posted at My Wealth Builder.

And as preparation for the battle over estate tax reinstatement when Congress gets back on Capitol Hill, Evan offers us a guest post by a CPA/JD discussing the oft missed planning opportunities for business owners regarding the estate tax: What is the Estate Tax Trap High Net Worth Individuals Fall Into? It's posted at My Journey to Millions.

Finally, we get a look at some possible new tax issues from Wenchypoo, who  presents This Just In: Tax-o-Rama! 7 Changes on the Docket. It's posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo's Mental Wastebasket.

Well, that's it for our 63rd Tax Carnival, Filing Season Begins. Thanks to all the contributors and especially to all you readers.

We'll be back here in two weeks, on Feb. 1. Be a part of our 64th Tax Carnival by sending in your tax post (and truly tax-related stuff only, please; check our guidelines for details) to our Blog Carnival page. In the meantime, feel free to peruse our Tax Carnival archives.


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