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Practical effects of tax law changes

I just got back from a great luncheon meeting of the Austin Chapter of the Texas Society of CPAs.

They invited me to speak and since these are folks who are in the tax trenches, I suggested I rant about present an overview of federal tax law changes, the process that created them and the changes' effects on 2009's filings and 2010's tax planning.

It was a great group (I never expected anything less from CPAs!) and they asked many interesting follow-up questions. Their insights and additions to the conversation made me wish we had more accountants in Congress!

When I mentioned last week that I was putting my presentation thoughts down in PowerPoint (yes, very old-school), some of you asked if I would post it. Well, for you gluttons for tax rambling, here it is in its 25-slide glory.

I'm particularly proud that a couple of the slides are animated when clicked on; you can see this if you view it as a slide show and then click or arrow through each one. Yes, I am easily amused.

And It's nice to know that all those years I spent in corporate communications offices cranking these things out didn't go completely to waste!

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