The 12 Tax Tips of Christmas:
#9 Bunch your expenses
The 12 Tax Tips of Christmas:
#10 Get ready to retire

Last-minute gifts for your tax geek

Time is running short, but if a tax geek is on your shopping list, here are a few last-minute gift possibilities.

St-matthew-prayer-card_catholiccompany First, though, I want to elaborate on a suggestion from my earlier post on tax-related gifts. I noted that since most of us invoke God's name at tax time, a St. Matthew statue would be a good idea as he's the patron saint of accountants.

Several readers let me know that St. Matthew has additional duties. In addition to accountants, he looks over bankers, bookkeepers, customs officers, financial officers, guards, money managers, security forces, security guards, stock broker and tax collectors.

In fact, as Mary at Bed buffaloes in your tax code informed me, "St. Matthew was actually a tax collector (then as now, not a very popular job!)."

My bad for not delving deeper into St. Matt's life and duties. Obviously, it's time for me to get myself to a church!

So think about a statuette for your favorite tax geek, or banker, or CFO or …

Now to some new gift ideas.

Accounting holiday CD_Steven Zelin Tired of the same old Christmas carols? Then check our No Accounting for the Holidays, the CD from The Singing CPA Steven Zelin. This is his fourth album and first holiday collection. Who doesn't love to sing along to such traditional favorites as "Most Deductible Time of the Year," "We Wish You a Great Big Refund" and "Dreydl, Dreydl, Dreydl (Taxes, Taxes, Taxes)."

The tax code is available for the iPhone. Jeff at iPhone J.D. examines a couple of downloadable code versions. I don't have one of those newfangled calling devices yet, but if anything could make me invest in one, it would be this app.

eBay remains a great tax geek shopping venue. Tax Twitter pal @hleahy says he found the board games Ax Your Tax, Flush! and Stick It to the IRS on the online auction site. Just type "tax board games" into the search box and go crazy!

Also up for auction (or direct purchase) is an action figure of the wrestling tax man, Mike Rotunda. Otherwise known as Irwin R. Schyster, or I.R.S. Thanks to the TaxProf for reminding us of this fun tax gift.

1040 toilet paper Finally, with apologies to readers with more sophisticated senses of humor, we have 1040 toilet paper. Enough said.

Happy last-minute shopping!

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