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Act now or miss out on these end-of-year tax and money moves!

Where in the heck did 2009 go! This month especially has evaporated; I have proof in all the tasks I planned to have completed by now that are left undone. 

If December had progressed on a normal instead of accelerated pace, I swear my projects plate would be clean by now!

But I, and you too, still have almost two full days. And that means there is some, albeit precious little, time to make some tax and money moves in 2009.

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If you're in the same boat I am -- and I suspect we have enough company to charter the Oasis of the Seas! -- here's a roundup of year-end fiscal actions to help you determine which moves you should make by Thursday. If, in my rush to get this posted, I missed your good advice, please leave it and/or a link as a comment.

From the blogging front, we have lots of good to-do-by-the-31st advice. Since it's my blog, I'm starting with moi!

Check out my year-end tax moves guest post at Bargaineering (thanks again, Jim!).

There's also my my five-part year-end money moves series, with recommended actions to help you maximize your tax savings, investment strategy, retirement planning, giving plans before wrapping up with fiscal details.

And although we're staring down another holiday, don't forget The 12 Tax Tips of Christmas.

Tax Update Blog is full of good year-end tips. Keep scrolling, folks; blog author Joe Kristan was busy, busy this December!

William Perez at has a nice list of year-end tips, along with a separate item at William's Tax Planning Blog that parents don't want to miss: Prepay some college costs now.

Robert Flach, aka The Wandering Tax Pro, also offers some December thoughts on saving or paying for college.

Other year-end tips come to us from:

And with specifics for businesses, The Business Owner has, what else, smart year-end moves for business owners.

At your basic personal finance Web sites, I'm back, this time on with seven year-end tax moves.

There's also Jeff Schnepper at MSN Money, Kiplinger's annual list and five year-end money tips from Liz Weston.

And investors will want to check out the Wall Street Journal's four tax-savvy 2009 stock moves.

I know time is short, but here's hoping you might be able to utilize a few of these tax and money tidbits before the new year arrives.

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Excellent collection of resources. Tweeted to share. :)


Thanks for including a link to my blog, Own The Dollar. I appreciate it.


You're welcome! :)

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