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In Share the Moment and Spread the Wealth, the Ping column in today's New York Times, Brad Stone looks at our incessant, innate need to connect and share. He's talking about bloggers, but if you want to get all existential about it, he could be talking about the human condition in general.

But for the sake of simplicity, let's stay within the blogosphere.

That's what Stone does, looking at the myriad ways to share your blogging wisdom. He notes that your parents' instructions to share has grown into a big business (actually several big businesses).

While the article has much good information, when I flipped the Business Section page over breakfast, it was the accompanying full-column, multicolor illustration (excerpt below) that caught my eye and prompted me to share it with you.


And you know exactly what I focused on: Report to I.R.S.

Oh sure, there are lots of more amusing fake sharing options, such as share with your dog, tell Obama, give to the tooth fairy, gossip to your barber and share on SodaHead. Oh. SodaHead is real? My bad.

What about Yardbarker? That's legit, too? Wow. I really do need to get beyond the Internet's personal finance neighborhood!

Well, I'm pretty sure that the Tooth Fairy is a fabrication, but I'm holding onto my belief in Santa.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy figuring out which sharing options are fake and funny and which ones are real, which makes them even funnier.

And feel free to share this post using the app of your choice.


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