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Mark your calendar for Blog Action Day

What are you doing on Oct. 15? If you got an extension to file your taxes, you might be frantically filling out your 1040 that day.

Blog action day 300-250

But Oct. 15 is also Blog Action Day, or BAD.

On that Thursday, thousands of bloggers will focus on one issue that's important to the world. The 2009 topic is climate change.

You say your blog doesn't deal with ecological issues? That's not a problem.

In 2007, the inaugural Blog Action Day topic was the environment. I blogged about the various environmental tax breaks available that tax year.

Last year, the unifying issue was poverty. I blogged about the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC).

I'm still cogitating about how I'll approach climate change this Oct. 15. The obvious tax hook is cap and trade, but maybe I'll find something a bit more scintillating. We'll see.

If you're interested in participating, check out the Blog Action Day Web page, the BAD blog and its Twitter feed, @blogactionday (hash tag #BAD09).

We'll see you on Oct. 15, with some very last-minute tax filing tips and a Blog Action Day post, too.


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I blogged for Blog Action Day in advance. I'm encouraging all of you to use the term "global warming" instead of "climate change," and explain why in this post about environmental writing.

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