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I've spent most of my professional life in the media, but I still am amazed at what prompts news outlets to pick up or push out a particular story.

Take the item on the Ohio and Wisconsin couples who donated their homes to local fire departments for use in training firefighters.

The IRS extinguished the deductions, but the cases are still in court so things could change.

My post, as well as one from TaxProf, went out on the blogosphere in late July.

Now, two months later, TaxProf reports that the Associated Press' Sept. 25 version of this tax story is a hot feature on more than 100 media outlets and newspapers.

Why did it take so long for the non-tax world to decide this was a good story?

At least the interest flare up gives me a chance to reiterate my hope that the IRS position is overturned and that the Herbstreits, Hendrixes and Rolfs, who claimed the deduction now under tax agency fire, eventually get their tax breaks.


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