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Richard Hatch back in slammer

Richard Hatch, the first $1 million winner of the reality show Survivor, is back in jail.

Hatch' reincarceration on Tuesday came just hours after an interview he gave the Today Show aired. At that time, the big news was Hatch's claim he was jailed because he was gay, not because he failed to pay taxes on his million dollar prize.

Oh my heavens, Hatch! You need to sell that property on the River Denial and get a grip!

It seems this guy is always looking for a way to top himself. He first gained notoriety by being the "fat, naked guy" on the television contest. Then he didn't pay his taxes.

Now he's running around and spouting off about prosecutorial misconduct and discrimination because of his sexual orientation.

Really! No kidding. You can hear it from Hatch himself in the videos below.

This first one is Lauer's interview.

This second video is the Today Show follow-up report after Hatch was rearrested.

Again, really, with a bonus "you've got to be kidding" for the second video when Hatch's attorney compares him to Rubin "Hurricane" Carter.

And speaking of running around and mouthing off, that apparently is what got Hatch arrested this time.

Hatch has been wearing a lovely ankle bracelet as he serves out the rest of his tax evasion jail time under house arrest. He said he had permission to talk to Lauer. The interview was conducted at Hatch's sister's house in Newport, R.I., where he's spending his home confinement time.

But apparently he didn't get the OK from federal prison officials to talk with a couple of other media outlets -- a local radio station and Access Hollywood.

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Pay your taxes bum!

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