Happy 148th Birthday, U.S. Income Tax
10 tax holidays on tap today

Next historic tax date: Oct. 3, 1913

In my post on today's U.S. income tax birthday, I mentioned that our current tax system has been in place since 1913.

1913_income_tax_form That year everyone's (OK, nobody's) favorite tax form, the 1040, was born. That's the 96-year-old version there to the right, or you can click here to take a closer look. You also can learn a bit more about the granddaddy of personal tax returns in my 2007 post Back in the tax day.

But the exact day to mark on my calendar for our next big tax celebration had slipped my mind.

Well, Bruce the taxguy provided a refresher, dropping a note to say that the 1913 income tax day of note is Oct. 3.That's when Congress gave its approval to the process by which we very responsible U.S. taxpayers report our income to Uncle Sam.

So get ready for the next tax par-tay on Oct. 3. I'll bake the cake if y'all will bring the ice cream.


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