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A 'National Treasure' size tax lien

Actor Nicolas Cage is in tax trouble again.

Last year Cage settled one IRS debt. Now he's been slapped with a $6.26 million tax lien.

According to WebCPA (via the Detroit News), the IRS filed the lien in New Orleans against Cage's $3.55 million Big Easy mansion.

This is just the latest tax trouble for the star of the National Treasure movies. Last fall, Cage agreed to pay $666,000 plus interest after the IRS said that between 2002 and 2004, he and his company had improperly deducted $3.3 million in personal costs as business expenses,

WebCPA notes that Cage's next film project is “Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans,” which also stars a couple of other Hollywood stars with their own tax troubles.

The film cast also includes Val Kilmer, who had a $538,858 tax lien filed against him in New Jersey in July, and Vondie Curtis-Hall, who, along with his production company, is facing more than  $350,000 in various tax liens filed by the IRS and California tax officials.

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Kay @ Don't Mess With Taxes

My guess is that they just don't pay attention. They're so used to having everything done for them they just take for granted that taxes will be taken care of, too. That makes it easy for disreputable financial advisers (and I'm not saying that's the case with Nick Cage; just hypothetical here!) to take advantage of such clients. Or the advisers aren't criinal, just criminally inept, which puts their oblivious clients in tax hot water. Maybe I'm naive, but I don't think these folks go into taxes looking to cheat; they know they already get lots of attention so any questionable tax move will only get them the bad kind of PR.

My Journey


It seems there is an unusual proportion of stars who get in tax trouble. Any thoughts as to why?

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