IRS gets ahead of itself on tax pro regs
Congress to IRS: Halt small biz penalties

Tax preparer regulation debate heats up

Debate1 Well, this certainly is a topic that's got people talking, especially those who fill out tax returns for a living.

Joe Kristan reiterates on his Tax Update Blog why he's still opposed to IRS regulation of tax preparers.

Joe's response was prompted by pro-regulation blogger Peter Pappas' post about the indictment of a Florida preparer, which led to the question, Still Don't Want to Regulate Preparers?

Check out the comments, which so far relay the thoughts of Bruce, who blogs at taxguy, and Robert, aka The Wandering Tax Pro.

Despite jumping the gun a bit, as noted in my post yesterday about the IRS' premature request for proposals from companies as to how they would keep tabs on tax pros, the agency is still just in the public input gathering phase on this issue.

So be sure to let the IRS -- and me and Tax Update Blog -- know what you think. I've got a feeling the IRS is going to be sorting through a lot of impassioned arguments on both sides.

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