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From IRS clutches to top of the IRL

'Fat naked' tax felon freed from jail

Richard-hatch3 Richard Hatch, who garnered attention on the first Survivor reality show for his pudgy physique and penchant for showing all of it off, went to federal prison in connection with the $1 million he won in 2000 on the CBS program.

Now he's out of the slammer.

It's been a long legal journey involving the taxes Hatch didn't pay on his winnings. He had contended throughout the legal process that the network had agreed to pay his IRS bill.

That theory didn't fly and in 2006 he began serving his 51-month sentence in federal prison. Last fall, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear Hatch's appeal.

He was scheduled for release this October, but good behavior helped spring Hatch from the West Virginia Club Fed facility last week.

Hatch, however, is not totally home free yet. He must live in a Pennsylvania halfway house until Oct. 7.

There's no word on the house's precise location. So Keystone Staters, if you see someone wandering your neighborhood with too few clothes, you've been warned!


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well, this is just desserts. but what do the people think of this celebrity news?

Christina Viering


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