Nevada decides against taxing one sin
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Tax advice from TV talking heads

And one of those tax-yammering heads was mine. Live, the cable TV network's noon online program, focused today on taxes. Four of us -- Fox's resident accountant Tracy Burns, H&R Block's Amy McAnarney, Chuck Jaffe from Marketwatch, and moi.

I was approached to talk about a story I did for Bankrate on housing tax laws. I did get to that, but the hosts Connell McShane and Jenna Lee also were captivated by my blog item on sin taxes.

A good portion of the 12 minutes I spent on air was spent on the potential for overhaul of the tax code (a dream that's still a long way off), the IRS change of heart on deducting e-payment charges and sin taxes.

Unfortunately, I fear we on the program and the viewers who were Twittering with the hosts during the broadcast, came up with more possible bad habit areas to tax! I just hope not too many lawmakers were on watching!

You can watch the program below or here if you don't see the video box. I debut around 33 minutes.

After a slow start -- doing a remote and not seeing the folks in the studio, I wasn't immediately sure Connell was talking to me -- I did OK. They let me ramble for 12 minutes, so I guess they thought so did, too.

And yes, that's the actual Texas capitol building behind me. Pretty cool, eh?

Anyway, that's my 15 (or 12) minutes of fame ... for now!


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That is awesome!

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