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Another book review and a list, too

Another tax blogger, Jim Maule who authors MauledAgain, has done me the honor of reading and reviewing my book, The Truth About Paying Fewer Taxes.

I certainly appreciate the assessment of my book by Maule, who is a professor at Villanova University School of Law. And I got a particular kick out of two of Prof. Maule's observations:

"The truth is
that this book is not a tax protester tome,
as the title might suggest."


"It's a small book, and because
it doesn't focus on taxes other than income taxes
or jurisdictions other than the United States,
one must wonder if a series of
'The Truth About Paying Fewer [insert state name here] Taxes'
is contemplated by the publisher."

The thought of anti-tax wingnut picking up a copy of my book and being disappointed brought a smile to my face.

The idea that this could be a long-running gig brought a smile to the hubby's face. He's always looking for a way to be a kept man. I've come up woefully short so far, but he thinks there's a lot of potential here.

He's poking around my office now, looking for my publisher's phone number.

More from Maule: Last week was a very good one for me, in large part due to the efforts of Prof. Maule.

In addition to reviewing The Truth About Paying Fewer Taxes, Prof. Maule also submitted the top 10 tax blogs in his world.

The list was for and I'm pleased to reported I made the cut.

Yep, it definitely looks like Prof. Maule is getting added to my Christmas card list!


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I bet most of the people are going to assume that whatever the 'Truth About Paying Fewer Taxes' is, it's going to confirm their assumptions. Good move.


That's fantastic - congratulations!

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