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Money tips from holiday experts

Yikes! Christmas Eve!

Santa (2) That exclamation of dismay is not, well, dismay. I love Christmas.

It's just proof of the adage that time moves more quickly when you get older.  Remember when you were a kid and it seemed to take forever for anything to happen, like for Christmas Day to arrive? Now I find events and tasks and special days are here and gone in a flash.

Anyway, that rambling is my way of saying I meant to point y'all earlier to a story a wrote a couple of years ago for Brankrate about what we can learn from Yuletide experts. These holiday authorities include Snoopy, a couple of actors (OK, their movie characters), Elvis and, of course, Santa.

I got a kick out of putting it together. I hope you enjoy reading, and glean some useful in information from, 12 money tips from holiday 'experts.' (This link opens as a Google document. If you prefer, you can download it as a PDF.)


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