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Tax Carnival #42: Election 2008

Tomorrow is Election Day and, as usual, taxes have played a big part in the process.

So it is only fitting that this 42nd Carnival of Taxes is our Election 2008 edition.

But before you head into our tax blog voting booth, a few comments.

First, we got lots of good submissions. But as happens with every Tax Carnival, many items weren't related to taxes. And some folks submitted multiple tax postings.

Non-tax items weren't included. And where a blogger contributed more than one post, I chose a single item to represent the effusive poster. Some may call such decisions Tax Carnival suppression. I call it following the rules; you can check them out here.

With that settled, our Tax Carnival #42: Election 2008 slate is ready for your consideration. Rather than political parties, our ballot is divided into tax-related categories. 

So all you electioneers clear the polling area. We're set to fulfill our election and Tax Carnival duties!

Checkbox_red2_50Proposition 1: Taxes and Politics
Robert D Flach presents Taxes 101 For Politicians, posted at THE WANDERING TAX PRO

Andy takes a look at the tax plans offered by both candidates in Your Financial Future - McCain vs Obama. It's posted at Saving to Invest.

Jim presents McCain & Obama Propose IRA & 401(k) Rule Changes, posted at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity.

Jon takes on our progressive tax system in his post Please Help Joe the Plumber, posted at Jon Swift.

The Writer wonders is it fair to expect people who make more to pay more in taxes? It's controversial, but it seems like there's no other way. Details in Should You Pay More Taxes if You Make More Money? It's posted at The Writer's Coin.

LAL offers another perspective on the candidates tax plans, this time from Bob the Banker. Read what LAL (and Bob) have to say at Bob the Banker Speaks! It's posted at LivingAlmostLarge.

And in the grand political/tax scheme, FMF raises an interesting question: Are "Taxes" and "Giving" the Same Thing? You'll find it at Free Money Finance.

Checkbox_blackjpg_50Proposition 2: Working out Tax Problems
Have you ever wondered about your odds of getting your Offer in Compromise accepted by the IRS and what else you can do? Walter Wallace says You have a better chance of getting a foul ball at a baseball game. It's posted at Wally's World of Taxes.

Jeff Tilley presents Effective Tax Resolution, posted at IRS Tax Problems.

Checkbox_red2_50_1 Proposition 3: Global Tax Issues
Canadian readers, are you thinking of investing in the U.S. real estate market? Dean Paley takes a look at the Tax Implications of Buying a Timeshare Property in the U.S., posted at Canadian Tax Resource.

HairySwede, who blogs at A Swedish American in Sweden, says that even after making some tax cuts, that Scandinavian country still has the second highest tax burden in the world. Details in Tax Cuts in Sweden.

Raag Vamdatt, who focuses on Indian tax issues, presents Income Tax (IT) treatment of House Rent Allowance (HRA) at Raag Vamdatt: Financial Planning Demystified.

Checkbox_brown_50_2Proposition 4: Retirement and Taxes
Sarah Scrafford presents 100 Best Retirement and Finance Guides for Seniors, posted at Senior Communities Blog. Several of them look at specific concerns of older taxpayers.

Roger Hadad presents Is Social Security Taxable? Find out at Tax Help for the Rest of Us.

Checkbox_red2_50_2Proposition 5: Tax Evasion
DianeDean presents Tax Evasion: Paying Cash "Under The Table," posted at Need IRS Help?

Beckie takes a look at Another New Tax Avoidance Scam, posted at A Tax Consultant for All Seasons.

If you fall for any of these, then you could end up like the folks Leon Gettler talks about in 18 years jail for tax shelter guru, posted at Sox First.

Checkbox_blackjpg_50_1Proposition 6: Tax Planning
Wenchypoo presents Updated: Timeless Moves You Can Make to Maximize Your Future Earnings and/or Lessen Taxes. The details are posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo's Mental Wastebasket.

Christopher Xpert presents Are You Ready To Beat The Taxman? Part 1. This tax advice designed specifically for Internet marketers who work from home can be found at Affiliate Marketing Xpert.

Checkbox_brown_50_2_1Proposition 7: Taxes and Investing
FIRE Finance looks at Tax FREE Money Market Mutual Funds, posted at FIRE Finance.

How to Calculate Tax Equivalent Yield comes to us courtesy of nickel and is posted at

Checkbox_red2_50_3Proposition 8: Filing and Paying
We close this election themed Tax Carnival with some posts on basic taxpayer tasks.

Khan presents Tackling Your Taxes, posted at Higher Education and Career Blog.

Two Pennies Earned looks at Paying Taxes with your Credit Card. It's posted at Two Pennies Earned.

Madison raises the important question, Do You Report All Your Income? It's posted at My Dollar Plan.

Even some leisure activities could have tax consequences. To see how, Todd Shoemaker presents Fishing for Birdies and Paying Tax, posted at TaxDollarsAndSense.

Finally, we close this election issue the Tax Carnival with another query. This one's from SVaughan, who asks, and answers, the always poplar question, is Paying the IRS Voluntary? It's posted at Ask the Tax Wizard.

Ballot box hand depositing2 And that wraps up this election edition Tax Carnival. But we can't close without one final word: VOTE!

If you haven't voted early, make sure you do so Tuesday. Even if you have to stand in line a while, please tough it out. I'm a firm believer in the concept that if you don't at least try to make a difference in the system, then you can't complain about how it does or doesn't work. As you can tell from my kvetching, I vote every chance I get!

We'll be back in a month with a year-end tax roundup. If you have something to submit, please send it along via our Blog Carnival page.


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