Helio Castroneves in tax trouble
Flat tax game changer?

Fat naked tax scofflaw loses appeal

It's TV-related tax evasion day here on the ol' blog!

Earlier today, I posted on the tax indictment of Dancing with the Stars and professional auto race winner Helio Castroneves.

Now, in slogging through my tax news backlog, I see that this week the Supreme Court decided not to consider the appeal of Richard Hatch.

Richardhatch Yeah, that Richard Hatch.

The guy who became the first reality show millionaire, not the guy from the original and current Battlestar Galactica programs.

The competitor who was dubbed the "fat naked guy" for his physique and immodesty in that inaugural Survivor season. (And yes, my headline does indeed carry a dual meaning!)

The guy who was convicted of failing to pay federal taxes on the $1 million prize he received in 2000 from the CBS game show.

Well, that Richard Hatch might well have been the first reality television breakout star, but he's not going to be able to legally break out of his federal prison cell.

The high court's refuslal to look at an appellate decision that went against the 47-year-old Hatch means that he must serve out the rest of his four-year, three-month prison sentence. So he'll be doing time in Club Fed until October 2009.


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I wonder why he'd bother to appeal at all. It's not like he has a great case for that $1 million being something other than income. But I guess his lawyers made the case for that decision (with an amicus brief from his outsize ego).

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