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Liechtenstein will cooperate … somewhat

Liechtenstein, which has been under pressure from worldwide tax officials to ease its bank secrecy standards, now says it will "cooperate" in an effort to ease global tax collector concerns about the reported billions of dollars stashed there by tax-averse customers.

Topsecret_stamp_2 But such "comprehensive cooperation," as Liechtenstein officials characterize it, only goes so far. So expect the tiny Alpine country to maintain its "culture of privacy."

"In the future, we should offer all states comprehensive cooperation if they are willing to find sensible solutions with us the for the client relationships we have built up," Prince Alois of Liechtenstein said in a statement.

Alois further qualified his promise, reports the BBC, by saying his country would continue to practice "a culture of privacy that goes far beyond bank client secrecy in tax matters," adding, "Our state is here for its citizens, not the other way around."

So rest assured, wealthy tax evaders. Liechtenstein knows who pays its bills.

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