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Tax Carnival #37: Leaving on a Jet Plane

Welcome to the 37th Carnival of Taxes. Long-time readers know that I usually come up with a theme for the submissions, throw in some segues between posts and sprinkle a few images throughout.

Today, however, I'm heading to Denver for a Taxpayer Advocacy Panel meeting. Not to worry; I'm taking the trusty laptop for on-the-road postings.

In preparation for the trip, I was up way too late last night trying, semi-successfully, to wrap up some projects. And as you can see from the time stamp, I had to get up at Oh-dark-thirty this a.m. to beat rush hour traffic en route to Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.

Airplane_flight_sun_2 So, since I'm so preoccupied with my trip, I decided to dub this Tax Carnival the Leaving on a Jet Plane edition.

I'm traveling light, having emptied my carry-on and pockets of any items that could attract TSA attention.

This 37th Tax Carnival takes that same approach. Nothing fancy this time, folks. OK, I had to put in one photo.

But the focus is on the collection of postings to help get you to your tax destination. So let's proceed to the boarding gate:

Diane Dean presents Why an Installment Agreement-Full Pay is Your Better Option posted at Need IRS Help?

Heather Johnson presents Haven't Received Your Stimulus Check? posted at Tax Daddy - The Metro Business Service Blog.

Beckie presents Income Limitations on Education Credits posted at A Tax Consultant for All Seasons.

Lubna Kably examines the tax issues faced by globe-trotting employees in Law Street in The Economic Times - May 2008 posted at Talking Tax.

Phil for Humanity presents Subsidies and Tariffs are Anti-Capitalism posted at Phil for Humanity.

Robert D Flach looks at the new zero capital gains rate in A Tax Planning Opportunity posted at The Wandering Tax Pro.

Rickey Henderson presents A Memo from the Office of Steven R. Lawlor, CPA, to Indiana Jones posted at Riding with Rickey.

Larry Russell presents The Top 25 Low Cost Best US Money Market Funds, including several tax-exempt funds, posted at The Skilled Investor Blog.

Mrs. Micah asks and answers the question Can Gay Spouses Have Spousal IRAs? posted at Mrs. Micah - Finance for a Freelance Life.

Nate Desmond presents IRS Ramps Up Audits posted at Build Your Own Ecommerce Website!

Shan-ul-Hai presents My business doesn't pay taxes because it's too expensive posted at Globally Rational.

Hank presents How To "Automagically" Change Your $2,100 Tax Stimulus Check Into $2,310 In Seconds! posted at My Investing Blog.

Sharon Raines presents Tax Help - Do You Have a Profit Motive? posted at Tax Resolutionaries.

Nickel presents Appealing Our Property Tax Re-Assessment posted at fivecentnickel.com.

Frugalicious also has property tax issues in I Fought the Law and I Won! posted at Texas Money Talk.

Wenchypoo presents Taxing the Rich? Hell, You Can't Even SOAK 'Em! posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo's Mental Wastebasket.

Anthoney Grigsby presents Amazon.com vs NY & The Internet Sales Tax posted at HelpMyCashGrow.com.

Jim presents When Does Married Filing Separately Make Sense? posted at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity.

FMF presents How to Get More Out of Your Accountant posted at Free Money Finance.

Super Saver presents Preparing For Higher Taxes posted at My Wealth Builder.

And for you folks who put off filing back in April and are facing the Oct. 15 deadline, Silicon Valley Blogger presents TurboTax Review: A Look At My Tax Software Of Choice Plus Useful Tools! posted at The Digerati Life.

I hope the flight was a smooth one for you. We know you have a wide choice of tax and personal finance blogs, and we appreciate you choosing Don't Mess With Taxes.

We hope to welcome you back aboard for our 38th Carnival of Taxes. It will take off on Monday, July 7, with submissions due by 11 p.m. Central Time on Saturday, July 5. Send along your tax post via our Blog Carnival page.

And wish me luck in getting an aisle seat by someone who wants to doze the whole flight!


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Have a safe trip!


All the above look so interesting. Thanks for including my post. Happy landings.

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