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Where's my stimulus rebate?

The IRS apparently got tired of folks calling its main 800 number to find out about the status of their economic stimulus package rebate check. To handle such inquiries, the agency has created an online tracking tool, Where's My Stimulus Payment?

The Web tool operates along the lines of the agency's popular Where's My Refund? feature.

TaxrefundcheckTo find our just where in the system your rebate check is mired, click here.

Once that page opens, you'll need to enter your Social Security number (if you filed a joint return, use the SSN of the spouse listed first on your 1040), your filing status and the number of exemptions you claimed on your 2007 return.

Then click "submit" and the system will tell you what's up with your rebate.

Possible problems: If you're like the hubby and me and still haven't filed your 2007 Form 1040 (I know, I know ...), you'll get a screen that tells you, "We are sorry. Specific information about your Stimulus payment is not available."

The Web page then lists possible reasons you're still waiting for your money:

  • Your payment may still be coming, but has not yet been scheduled. Information will be available here as payments are issued based on the last two digits of the primary Social Security number shown on your 2007 tax return. Specific information about your Stimulus Payment will not be available until about one week before your payment is scheduled to be issued. See the complete Payment Schedule below for more information.
  • You did not file a tax return for 2007 or your return is still being processed. Additional information about filing requirements is available.
  • The information entered did not match our records. Be sure to check the information you entered. You may Re-Enter your information as necessary.

The page also lists the original delivery schedule, even though that delivery timetable has been accelerated.

And the IRS reminds anxious taxpayers to "Please allow 6 weeks after filing your tax return before checking on the status of your Stimulus Payment."

Telephone option, too: As mentioned in the 36th Carnival of Taxes, there's also a way to check on your rebate by phone.

Just call the IRS Rebate Hotline toll-free at 1-866-234-2942. You'll need the same information that the online tracking system requires.

In addition to the IRS information, check out some other common questions and answers about the rebate check delivery system in this blog post.

And if you're still waiting for your regular tax refund check, Where's My Refund? will help you find that money, too.


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Pierre Cromartie

This is damned bullcrap
alot of the people i know who have last 2 digits in the 30s-70s range say they haven't received it. Its bullshit you do everything by the book and they still find a way to screw you over.
those dates might as well be lies to shut people up and give them false hope of a quick direct deposit.
I did my taxes early and i waited patiently
to the 9th of may and what NOTHING!

It must be a scam being played on us by this government.

false hope thats all we get here.

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You will need to answer a few questions I suggest that you get a copy of your tax return first.

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