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Tax Carnival #36: A Cinco de Mayo Tax Celebration

Hola fellow taxpayers and Welcome to the 36th Carnival of Taxes, a joint celebration of Cinco de Mayo and Taxes.

Cinco_flag_2 OK, I know only hard-core tax geeks use the word "celebrate" in connection with taxes. But hey, isn't that you? You are reading this after all. So since this latest Tax Carnival falls on Cinco de Mayo, the day in 1862 when Mexican forces halted, at least temporarily, the French incursion into their nation, we're going to celebrate in our own tax geeky way, too.

I've divided the carnival into cinco sections. Sure it's an arbitrary format and a couple of Carnival items and squeezed into a category or two, but hey, it's a tax party! Have another margarita and it'll all make sense.

Number_1_decorative Uno: Hanging onto your tax money
OK, I'll guarantee that this will be the hands-down most popular post of this 36th Tax Carnival. Shawna tells us how to check the status of stimulus checks in Where's my economic stimulus check?!? It's posted at her blog that shall remain nameless here because we're a family friendly Internet operation.

Mitchel Harad urges us to consider Rebate Responsibility when we do get our checks. His post is over at Holy Cash Cow.

Steve Faber examines Tax Return Questions – Some of the Most Common, posted at Debt Free.

Investors always worry about taxes. Barb A. Ryan discusses that component (and more) in Asset Allocation, Investment Asset Tax Location, and Emergency Cash Management, posted at Pasadena Financial Planner.

More investing and taxes courtesy of Passive Income Investor, who discusses the Tax Benefits Of Passive Income. It's posted at LIVING OFF DIVIDENDS & PASSIVE INCOME.

Number_2_decorative Dos: Tangling with the IRS
 Family Officer presents 3 Signs You May be a Victim of Tax-Related Fraud, posted at Chief Family Officer.

In It's jail time for tax evader Wesley Snipes, Leon Gettler wonders what signal does that send other would-be tax defiers? How will Snipes fill his time in jail? And who’s going to kill the vampires now? You find Leon's reflections at Sox First.

Nate presents Three Things You Can Do To Be Prepared For An Audit, posted at Build Your Own Ecommerce Website!

Diane Dean presents What happens if you don't file your past due return with the IRS? It's posted at Need IRS Help?

And we get a personal confession from Madison, who, over at My Dollar Plan, tells us What I Learned About Taxes This Year.

Number_3_decorative Tres: Going beyond Form 1040
Most of us, understandably so, focus on getting our personal tax return to Uncle Sam. But there are many other ways taxes reach into our lives, whether we want them to or not.

Michael Bass says taxes are just one of many reasons Why Americans Can’t Afford Credit, posted at Debt Prison.

Wenchypoo presents Inflation + Shortages = Stealth Tax Increase, posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo's Mental Wastebasket.

Robert D Flach has emerged from the abyss of tax return filing (welcome back!) to warn us that when it comes to maximum tax rates, It Ain’t Necessarily So, posted at THE WANDERING TAX PRO.

Cathy Ley presents A Short Sale, the IRS, and Your Mortgage Tax Bill, posted at Tips for Moms & Baby Websites.

Dan Meyer who blogs at Tick Marks tell us Baucus Starts Senate Finance Work on Tax Reform and AMT Patch.

David Gross continues his examination of tax resistance. His latest subject is war tax resistance by American Quakers from the 17th through the 19th century in The Quaker Experiment in Pennsylvania, posted at The Picket Line.

Number_4_decorative Cuatro: Taking a global tax view
Since we're celebrating a Mexican holiday today, it's fitting that Tax Carnival #36 looks at some global tax matters.

Beckie answers the question, Do I Have to Pay Taxes if I Live and Work Abroad? You'll find it over at A Tax Consultant for All Seasons.

For our readers in India, Raag Vamdatt presents Understanding Section 80C Deductions, posted at Financial Planning Demystified.

And Ian Cunningham offers our British readers information on UK Tax Returns, posted at The Business Lounge.

Number_5_decorative Cinco: Taking a tax entertainment break
since this is a tax party, we've got to have some entertainment.

That comes courtesy P.L. Frederick, with his tax-filing poem You Can Count On My Return. The verse commemorating tax time, accountants, and some late night returns is posted at Small & Big.

Well, that wraps up our 36th Carnival of Taxes, in plenty of time for you to get ready for your Cinco de Mayo party. Thanks for reading, and thanks to all our tax blog contributors.

Join us again in another month, June 2 to be exact, for our 37th Tax Carnival. If you have a tax item -- and please, send only tax-specific bloggings for Carnival consideration -- pass them along via our Blog Carnival page.

Now I'm off to make the guacamole, find the salt and limes and rev up the blender!

Numerals courtesy Courtney's Portfolio.


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Living Off Dividends & Passive Income

thanks for including me!

P.L. Frederick

Woo hoo! Thanks for including my poem post. I hereby also give thanks that tax time is officially over.

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