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Tax Carnival #34: Big Tax Dance

With tonight being the championship game of the NCAA basketball tournament, the 34th Carnival of Taxes is the Big Tax Dance edition.

Now I gotta admit upfront I'm not a basketball fan, so I'm going to keep my hoops' analogies simple. That pre-game announcement made, let's get to it!

Tipoff Tip off
Getting us starting is Mark Runta of Investing Lessons, who presents It Is Tax Time!

FIRE Finance of the blog of the same name reminds us that we've got to File 2007's taxes to get your Economic Stimulus Rebate Check!

When you do file, Ryan Taylor of Millionaire Money Habits offers a cautionary post: Did You Get Your Tax Return? 5 Common Tax Mistakes.

First half
Moving deeper into the game, we look at filing methods courtesy of Chief Family Officer. Posted at the blog of the same name you'll find Human accountant vs. Tax prep software.

Basketball_in_motion_2 Next, we get word from Dan Meyer that the AICPA and USA Today Team Up to Stamp out Tax Ignorance. The Q&A program runs through April 15, according to Dan's post on Tick Marks.

During the break, it's time for a refresher on some tax terminology. Raymond from Money Blue Book 
details the differences between Adjusted Gross Income and Modified Adjusted Gross Income.

Second half
As we retake the court, Diane Dean looks at some business tax considerations in Interest and Dividends, posted at Need IRS Help?

Penelope Pince of Our Fourpence Worth presents Tax Form & Publication Guide for the Newly Self-Employed.

Jose DeJesus talks about some Small Business Tax Breaks in the Stimulus Program, posted at Physician Entrepreneur.

Basketballhoop_2_2 Technical fouls
Leon Gettler of Sox First discusses A fistful of dollars: the CEO tax dodge.

Heather Johnson presents Five Ways to Reduce Your Chances of Being Audited, posted at The Real Life Debt Blog.

Over at, nickel presents Ten Tips for Avoiding an Income Tax Audit.

Two minutes left in the game
Madison of My Dollar Plan brings us IRA Recharacterization: What, Why, How and When?

Shuli Cheng presents Obtaining tax savings for individual forex traders: a hassle but well worth it, posted at Spicecap.

Super Saver looks at Taking Advantage Of Tax Saving Benefits In 2008 at My Wealth Builder.

Basketball_shooter_2 Free throws
David Gross discusses Taxpaying as Complicity, posted at The Picket Line.

Tracy Coenen presents Bar Stool Economics (A commentary on the American tax system) over at Sequence Inc. Fraud Files.

Since this is a presidential election year, FMF takes a look at How Democrats and Republicans Run the Nation's Finances. It's posted at Free Money Finance.

Buzzer beater
And Madeleine Begun Kane closes out our Big Tax Dance Carnival with some timely poetry in Taxing Verse, posted at Mad Kane's Humor Blog.

And so concludes our 34th Tax Carnival. Thanks to all our contributors and all you readers.

We've got one more Tax Carnival coming up before the April 15 tax deadline. Get your last-minute tax tips in (click here to submit your tax item) by next Saturday night and be a part of Carnival #35 next Monday, April 14.


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