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Today is a tax-season milestone. There's just one week left until your 1040 is due.

Yep, you've put off filing for 14 weeks. While you've been enjoying all this time tax-free, a major problem with delaying filing until the last minute is that when you do finally get around to filling out the paperwork, you might be in such a hurry that you make a costly mistake.

To help you avoid that, here are 10 common tax errors to be on the lookout for:

  • Tax_tip_icon_pencil_point Entering the wrong account in connection with direct deposit of your refund.
  • Claiming the wrong hybrid credit.
  • Not counting all your charitable contributions.
  • Missing out on the PMI deduction.
  • Overlooking  unearned income.
  • Making math miscalculations. 
  • Misentering or forgetting Social Security numbers.
  • Ignoring IRS mailing material.
  • Forgetting signatures.
  • Missing the filing deadline.

Details on each of these errors can be found in this story I wrote for Bankrate.

Some other bloggers also offer their takes on common tax mistakes:

So even though time is short, slow down a bit so that you don't end up making one of these mistakes and costing yourself in the process.


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