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Valentine's Day: Love and taxes

Diamonds might be some girls' best friends, but for us fiscally minded femmes, we want our true love to put a pragmatic spin on our Valentine's Day gift.

Antique_valentine_cupids So here are some tax-related presents that might get your sweetie's heart pumping a bit faster on this most romantic of holidays.

And remember, they're not restricted to guy-to-gal giving. Women who keep an eye on their relationship's cash, and there are a lot of us, can give them to our favorite fellas, too.

Take over tax chores: Yes, this year, you be in charge of this necessary but time-consuming task. From tracking down all the forms to pulling together the necessary filing information to preparing the 1040 and associated schedules and worksheets, tell your sweetheart that you'll take care of it. Then do so.

Retire your refund: When your tax-filing gift pays off with a refund, put it to tax work. Invest some of the money in a retirement account.

What kind depends on your personal tax and financial situation. If a traditional IRA that you can deduct works best, put the refund cash there. Maybe a taxable-now but tax-free later Roth is the way for you to go.

The bottom line is that by putting your money in a retirement account sooner rather than later, you'll be giving your nest egg a big boost. And that means neither of you will have to spend time away from each other at post-retirement jobs to make ends meet.

Donate in your lover's name: Sharing the love this day can literally save you on taxes. What's your true love's favorite cause? Make a charitable donation to it in his or her name. Remember to make sure that the group is an IRS approved charity and get, and keep, a receipt for your gift for next year's return filing.

That wasn't so hard, was it? And you still have the rest of the day for other romantic pursuits.

More hearts and flowers: Tax blogger Roni Deutch has a few other Valentine's Day tax ideas here.

Bankrate brings us the colorful history of Valentines Day here.

Lovesexirsplay_2 Readers in the Rockford, Ill., area might want to check out a theatrical tax presentation at Pec Playhouse Theatre of Pecatonica. According to a review at, "Love, Sex and the I.R.S." is a farcical tale by William Van Zant and Jane Milmore about a couple of out-of-work musicians trying to beat the tax game and getting tangled up in their own hilarious web of deceit. 

The theater's Web site (click on 2008 season) promises that "hilarity ensues." Who can resist that?

And if you're not able to get out to pick up a gift or card, don't forget you have plenty of online options right at your keyboard fingertips. So start clicking for the one you love!


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In addition, you may verify an organization's tax-exempt status and eligibility to receive tax-deductible charitable contributions by asking to see an organization's IRS letter recognizing it as tax-exempt. You may also confirm an organization's status by calling the IRS (toll-free) at 1-877-829-5500.,,id=96136,00.html

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