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Oscar Special: Movies & Money

Are you ready for tonight's Academy Awards ceremony? I am.

I love movies and I love the Oscars. I credit, or blame when my personal picks don't win or aren't even nominated, my mother. She instilled a great love of film in me and one of my fondest childhood memories was how excited she was by Gregory Peck's best actor win for "To Kill a Mockingbird."

A couple of years ago I convinced my then-employer, Bankrate, that there is a legitimate connection between film and finances. I'm not just talking about the millions it takes nowadays to make a movie or the potential return of such cinematic endeavors or even how much it costs you and me to get into a theater, not to mention buy a Coke and popcorn!

I'm talking about what we can learn about money management from the movies, even films that don't have a typical fiscal theme.

Money_messages_in_movies Well, I guess I made a pretty good argument or they were strapped for copy. Whatever, they let me run with my "Lights! Camera! Money!" idea. And it's reposted today on Bankrate.

Remember, I wrote this a few years ago so you won't see any of this year's movies mentioned, but I think my choices back then are still worthwhile films with solid, and timeless, money messages.

So grab some snacks and settle into your favorite chair to see what financial lessons I gleaned from films like "Gone in 60 Seconds," "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?" and "The Untouchables" by clicking here. There's even an audio component -- yep, that's my mellifluous voice -- as the last link (Flash version) in the right navigation bar.

I hope you enjoy my flick picks and associated money lessons. And I hope your favorites walk away with a statue this evening.


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Dan Ray

I have another fun film story for you, Kay:
From Esquire, the five best (worst?) B-movie trailers ever:
Can't ... stop ... hummming ... "Car Wash" ... theme song ...

Dan Ray

I know what a movie buff you are, and an environmentally concerned person, so as Earth Day approaches, I wanted to pass along a link to a good article that combines the two: "End of the Earth Day" -- the 10 best movies movies in which the Earth ends. My personal favorite is the last: "The Night of the Lepus." It's a bunnypocalypse.


I also like "A Gun, a Car, a Blonde," sort of like a private-eye movie, which teaches us just how satisfying writing a will can be. With no will, a character is not very likeable and doesn't care about the protagonist, at least not well enough to listen to what he really wants, would have gotten all his money, instead of two really great people who will use the money in much better ways.

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