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Tax Carnival #28:
Welcome to Tax Filing Season 2008

Welcome to Tax Filing Season 2008 and our first Tax Carnival of the new year.

As is often the case with a new tax year, things are off to a hectic start. You probably already figured that out since this Carnival is going up late this afternoon instead of earlier in the day.

So not to delay the info any longer, let's just dive in!

One of the hottest tax topics so far in this young year has been the AMT. Kurt Brouwer gives us the lowdown on Congress Patches Alternative Minimum Tax over at Fundmastery Blog.

Many folks turn to a pro to help figure out AMT and other issues. Dan Meyer at Tick Marks alerts us that IRS Sides with Taxpayers vs. Tax Preparers on Privacy.

Maybe a software program will do the filing trick for you. In that case, FIRE Getters presents FREE Tax e-Filing courtesy TaxACT! posted at FIRE Finance.

If you plan to send your return at the very last minute, Russ Fox presents IRS Street Addresses over at Taxable Talk, saying, "A handy list of street addresses for sending returns to the IRS via overnight delivery services. This list should not be used for tax returns sent by regular/certified mail."

What about refunds? SingleGuyMoney takes a look at the Tax Refund Debit Card - Good or Bad? posted at Single Guy Money.

Allison presents PREVIEW: Tax Tidbits over at Queercents, saying, "Tax Tidbit #1: Be careful in your correspondence with the IRS."

Matthew Paulson presents Donate Shares of Stock and Get Double Tax Savings! posted at American Consumer News.

Robert D. Flach presents Three Cheers for the Home Office Deduction!  posted at THE FLACH REPORT.

The IRS frowns on double-dipping, but if you have multiple blogs, we let you get away with it by allowing a post from each here at the Tax Carnival. That means RDF is back with What You Need to Know Before Donating a Vehicle to Charity posted at THE WANDERING TAX PRO.

FMF presents How to Pay a Large Tax Bill posted at Free Money Finance, saying, "How to pay for taxes if you're out of money."

That post might be of interest to Ryan, who in Financial Setbacks offers a personal story on his growing owing situation, including his soon-due taxes, posted at Debt Reduction Formula.

Kent Anderson presents an item from a series he wrote about IRS collection issues: Can The IRS Take My Social Security? It's posted at Bankruptcy Law Network - Real Lawyers, Real Solutions.

Gus wonders, Am I an Employee or Independent Contractor? New Updates that help your tax debt posted at IRS Mind.

A couple of bloggers this Carnival go beyond the purely personal take a wider look at taxes.

Aussie Gavin R. Putland offers his country's some tax advice on Raising Australia's Market Share posted at

Ian Welsh presents Why Financial Crises Will Keep Happening posted at The Agonist saying, "The first and simplest way to prevent more financial meltdowns is to put a very progressive tax on all income no matter how or where earned that probably comes in at over 95% of all income over, say, $500,000 or a million at the most."

And with that, we conclude close this 28th Carnival of Taxes. Thanks to our contributors and thanks for reading.

We'll be back here in two weeks (Jan. 28) with another fun and tax-filled collection. You can be a part of it by submitting a tax-related blog article via our carnival submission form.

You'll also find links to past Tax Carnivals and all our upcoming dates at our Blog Carnival index page.


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