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Tax Carnival #29: State of the Tax Union

Since tonight is the final State of the Union address for Dubya, who's made tax cuts a focal point of his presidency, it only seems right that this, our 29th Carnival of Taxes, be our official State of the Tax Union.

Whitehouseseal_2 Cue Hail to the Chief!

Now, since the hour is late, please take your seats and let's get right to these blog postings keeping us up to date on what's happened, happening and what we can expect in the world of taxes.

It's no surprise that the tax rebate topic, sure to be highlighted in tonight's speech from D.C., was examined by several bloggers.

Adfecto presents $1,200 Out of Thin Air, posted at Adfecto Abundantia - Aspire 2 Wealth, noting A windfall is currently in the works for most Americans, in the form of a tax rebate. This post talks about the economic impacts of a tax rebate, says Adfecto, and finds an interesting justification for this economic stimulus package.

Leslie Carbone also offers an interesting rebate assessment at her self-named blog: Spending Like Drunken Economists.

Chief Family Officer from the blog of the same name raises the popular question, What will you do with a tax rebate? 

From the business side, we have Doug Ragan asking, "Can a simple change in corporate taxes help overcome the current economic challenges?" Find out in A Simple Fix For The US Economy posted at I'm A Pundit Too.

White_house_2 More business point of view from LIVING OFF DIVIDENDS in his/her eponymous blog says Bank of America's recent purchase of Countrywide is nothing more than a tax-saving strategy. Details in How To Save $500 Million In Taxes.

Super Saver offers us A Retirement Tax Strategy - Minimizing the Tax Impact of Roth IRA Conversions posted at My Wealth Builder. For For early retirees, says SS, converting a regular IRA to a Roth IRA can help use up tax credits and itemized deductions that may otherwise be wasted.

Joe Kristan from Roth & Company Tax Update presents Slots Loser Win in Tax Court.

Raymond presents Choosing To File My Own Taxes Rather Than Hiring An Accountant To Do It For Me posted at Money Blue Book.

Laura from Green Panda Treehouse presents Tax Forms With Personality?

Kurt Brouwer from Fundmastery Blog asks, Does Soaking The Rich Actually Work?

Seems a lot of this edition's bloggers have questions. Like Cortni Marrazzo of Saving Advice Blog who asks, Is the Fair Tax Really Fair? 

Also as expected, lots of numbers in this carnival edition.

FMF of Free Money Finance presents All About Taxes: 2007 Rates, Deductions and More! 

Us_capitol Same song with another arrangement comes from Steve Faber at Get Debt Free where we'll find Federal Tax Brackets 2007.

Allison reminds us that trackign medical expenses can be worth the time and effort, espeically if they become tax deductible. Details in Tax Tidbit #2: Deductions for Medical Expenses posted at Queercents.

And Jim takes us into this year with 2008 Federal Income Tax Brackets: Official IRS Figures, posted at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity.

Now you're ready for the advice from Madison to Organize & Prepare: Do Your Taxes Quickly, posted at My Dollar Plan.

CreditAddict from Credit Card Addict wonders, Are Credit Card Rewards Taxable? 

And ccwatcher of Credit Card Watcher presents IRS Hassle is Your Gain: Why a Business Miles Card is Better than a Cash Back Business Card.

Sagar Satapathy presents an item near and dear to my freelancing heart: 50 Tools and Resources for Freelancers During Tax Season. It's posted at Bootstrapper.

Jim presents Combat Pay? Taxable? What is considered a "combat zone"? over at IRS Mind.

Robert D Flach of THE WANDERING TAX PRO presents Don't Assume! We all know what happens when we do. I'm just saying.

Trapped_2Here's an interesting tax trick if you can pull it off: Turning a $55,000 Salary into a Zero Tax Liability. It's from Wenchypoo at Wisdom From Wenchypoo's Mental Wastebasket.

Vahid Chaychi presents Tax Rules Eased for Home-Office Sales, posted at Work at Home Business Solutions.

Beckie at A Tax Consultant for All Seasons presents What the new funding for the IRS means for you.

Always a timely topic, Tax Filer Identity Theft Risks, comes to us via Henry Bagdasarian at Free Identity Theft Prevention, Detection and Fraud Solutions.

In that same vein we have Amanda from Me vs. Debt with Get Free Tax Advice and Watch Out for IRS Phishing Scam!.

This item's title alone makes it worth a visit: Will U.S. Shoe Tax Be Repealed? It comes from praveen and is posted at My Simple Trading System.

Our Aussie tax watcher Gavin R. Putland presents Right and wrong ways to abolish taxation over at /etc/cron.whenever/.

And we close with The Good Tax Helper's "short but fair rant on tax evading and complaining, and what we forget about taxes." It's entitled Don't Forget: Freedom Ain't Really Free and is posted at TAX FACTS.

Well, that's it. Dubya's already started talking so we'll let you get to that. But be sure to come back here when he's done and check out all these fine State of the Tax Union items.

1040_icon_square And be sure to visit us when the 30th Carnival of Taxes goes up on Feb. 11. You can be a part of it by submitting your tax post via our Blog Carnival page. We'll see you then!


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