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Celebrity tax trouble slide show

Celebrity_tax_troubles_2 Wesley Snipes, whose tax evasion trial began this week, is in good -- well, that's probably not the most appropriate word, but you know what I mean -- company.

ABC News has put together a slide show of 16 celebrities, including Snipes, who've had run-ins with the the tax man.

The network's full list, with links to mentions of the stars' tax troubles here on the ol' blog, includes:

  1. Wesley Snipes, actor
  2. Joe Francis, "Girls Gone Wild" video series creator
  3. Marc Anthony, singer, actor, husband of Jennifer Lopez
  4. Al Capone, the real OG
  5. Andre Agassi, tennis champion
  6. Boris Becker, tennis champion
  7. Chuck Berry, rock and roll icon
  8. Bud Abbott and Lou Costello, comedians, actors
  9. Richard Pryor, comedian, actor
  10. Heidi Fleiss, "Hollywood Madam," author
  11. Leona Helmsley, hotel magnate, dog lover
  12. Willie Nelson, singer, songwriter, Texas legend
  13. Luciano Pavarotti, opera star
  14. Darryl Strawberry, baseball player
  15. Richard Hatch, "fat naked guy," Survivor winner
  16. Sophia Loren, actress, international sex symbol

Wow! Who knew that back in '82 Sophia Loren spent 18 days in an Italian prison for tax evasion?

Somehow the tax problems of actor/singer Will Smith, ABBA star Bjorn Ulvaeus, MLB Hall of Fame pitcher Rolly Fingers, New York Yankees star Derek Jeter, and Jay & the Americans singer Jay Black didn't make ABC's list. Maybe next time.

And then there are the stars who simply move to more luxurious locales to avoid big tax bills, such as pop singer James Blunt and rock 'n roll superstars Mick Jagger and Bono.

Image courtesy of Get Your Own Star.


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