Merry Christmas 2007
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The Glitch that stole the Christmas blog

In case you're an IE user and you were unable to read my Christmas post earlier today, I think (hope!) you now can.

Last night, I thought I was so cool, setting up the system to publish up bright and early (5 a.m.) so early rising blog readers could check out the photo of our tree. When I did get up four hours later, I looked and it was there. Then I merrily went off to open gifts.

Then the hubby, finally checking to see that I did justice to his tree decorating prowess, tells me that the blog won't open in Internet Explorer. He knows I use Firefox and he's my backup for the more widely used browser.

I'm not sure what the problem was, but I killed the original post, resized the photo, reposted the blog item, republished the whole blog and crossed all my fingers and toes. It seems to be working now (madly knocking every piece of wood I can find!).

So if you missed the earlier post, you can check it out here.

And, again I say, Merry Christmas to you all!


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