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Year-end Money Moves
Part 1: Taxes

TAP dancing to D.C.

A quick note as I finish packing.

Tap_logo Yep, packing. Not to head to a family Christmas gathering, but rather off on a tax-inspired trip. In few hours I'll be in Washington, D.C., for the annual meeting of the Taxpayer Advocacy Panel.

This is my second such get-together, and as a veteran, I'm more involved in the program. In fact, I have two presentations -- brief ones, thank goodness! -- to give.

I'm more jazzed, though, about meeting the new members.

Area 5, the region that includes Texas, has six new panelists, with half of them from the Lone Star State. I'm also looking forward to seeing the TAP buddies I made at last year's event, as well as catching up with my friends and former colleagues still there in the nation's capital.

We should have some good discussions, what with a second straight tax-filing season looking like it's going to be screwed up thanks to legislative delays (blogged here).

Then there's the potential gossip pertinent tax-related information about IRS (and a major charity that shall, at least in this post, remain nameless)  personnel changes.

I'll try to update from D.C., but they keep us pretty busy during the day and I also have to squeeze in some paying work in the evenings.

Just in case I run out of time and/or energy, I've set up a series of posts on year-end money moves.

But if something noteworthy happens, either at the TAP conference or on Capitol Hill, I'll make a point of dropping in a post.


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