Another temporary moratorium on Internet taxes likely
IRS gets good marks for filing season efforts

House OKs four-year Internet tax ban

It's official. By a 405-to-2 vote, the House passed H.R. 3678 to extend the moratorium on Internet access taxes until November 2011.

Although 240 Representatives supported a rival bill to make the ban permanent, the House leadership refused to bring that measure to a vote because of concerns it wouldn't pass the Senate before the current moratorium expires on Nov. 1. More on that legislative tactic in my post earlier today.

Anna Eshoo, D-Calif., who sponsored the permanent ban bill, and Michael Turner, R-Ohio, were the only House members to vote against the temporary I-tax ban.

H.R. 3678 now goes to the Senate, where there also are many lawmakers who favor a permanent extension. But again, the fear that arguments over short-term vs. permanent moratoriums could push debate past the impending Nov. 1 deadline will likely mean that the four-year extension will sail through on that side of Capitol Hill, too.


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