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Personal finance bloggers live and die by numbers. What's your mortgage interest rate? How much do you owe credit card companies? Is there a legal way to cut my taxes even more?

So it's not surprising that we all like to look at numbers that tell us how we're doing compared to our fellow PF bloggers. Thanks to FIRE Finance, that's now a little easier.

Top100pfblogs Curious about the popularity of personal finance blogs, FIRE came up with a list of the Top 100 Personal Finance Blogs based on their monthly traffic and page ranks. He used data from Quantcast, SiteMeter and Compete.

Now while many will point to Mark Twain's famous comment about "lies, damn lies and statistics," in a world where quantification is everything, we do the best with what we've got. And I am pleased to report that Don't Mess With Taxes made it into the top 20 of both Quantcast's and SiteMeter's rankings. Compete doesn't count the ol' blog because it doesn't generate data for sites on a public domain, such as TypePad.

But I'll gladly take 19th on Quantcast and 18th on SiteMeter. And thanks, FIRE, for the effort.


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FIRE Finance

Thanks for writing such a nice article on the rankings. It really did take a lot of effort to come up with the numbers. We hope to improve the process with time.
Also, thanks for using the badge:). We look forward towards great stuff from your blog. Keep up the excellent blogging.
FIRE Finance

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