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So you thought Ernest Hemingway's works were inspired by tumultuous relationships, his lifelong battle with depression or excessive drink?

You're right, to a point. But according to the the May issue of The Hemingway Review, another one of Papa's muses was taxes.

sun_also_rises_hemingway_bookAccording to the publication's abstract, "Taxes played a surprisingly prominent role in the life of Ernest Hemingway — so much so that he personally dealt with, or wrote about, most of the major tax concepts embodied in the Internal Revenue Code.

"This article notes Hemingway's written observations about such tax matters, including remarks about the state of his tax affairs and possible investigations by the Internal Revenue Service.

"The article, which focuses on tax issues not typically covered in existing biographies, concludes with an assessment of Hemingway's outlook on and approach to dealing with extraordinarily onerous tax obligations."

You can read a bit more about Hemingway's literary take on taxes at TaxProf.

The Hemingway Review is published twice year by The Hemingway Society and The University of Idaho. The journal specializes in researched scholarship on the work and life of Ernest Hemingway.


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