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Tax Carnival #14: Countdown to Tax Day

Scheduling_2_2 The tax deadline is bearing down and lots of bloggers have ideas on how to deal with it. So this, our 14th Carnival of Taxes, is a special Countdown to Tax Day.

Below, in no particular order, we offer for your tax information, entertainment and enlightenment one tax blogging item for each day from now through April 17.

March 19
Bill gets the Tax Carnival rolling with Taxes and the Three Martini Lunch, posted at Ask Uncle Bill. "It's that time of year," notes Bill. Indeed it is. Indeed it is.

March 20
Kirk presents You, me, and the AMT, posted at his self-named blog Kirk Walsh.

March 21
Tracy at FRAUDfiles takes us to Wisconsin, where she reports the governor wants to raise taxes by $1.74 billion. Yep, that's a "b" there.

March 22
FIRE Getters warns us that donating an old car may not be deductible, posted at FIRE Finance.

March 23
Super Saver offers an interesting strategy: Minimize income to maximize tax credits. It's posted at My Wealth Builder.

March 24
Andy at Credit Cave gives us Nine Of The Biggest Tax Frauds On Record. These global scams make it clear that tax con artists are not bound by borders.

March 25
We welcome a new Tax Carnival contributor, The Travelin' Man, who presents Maybe I Can Still Beat the Tax Man? over at Stuff You Oughta Know.

March 26
Steve from DebtBlog explains why the AMT sucks and how you can avoid, not evade, it.

March 27
Rich, who posts at Queercents, asks a couple of ethical questions: If you thought you could cheat on your taxes and get away with it, would you? Would your thinking change if you thought you would likely get caught?

March 28
Maureen presents taxes and Social Security at Empty Nest, saying, "Any government that is willing to tax unemployment benefits will surely not miss out on the opportunity to nail your Social Security check."

March 29
Over at Sox First, Leon tells us it's taxing times for the Big Four's havens, saying, "Do the Big Four help their clients dodge tax by shifting their money into offshore havens? You bet, and they do it big time, according to a new report."

March 30
Silicon Valley Blogger shares her realization that Preparing Our Taxes Will Be A Cinch, Paying Them Won't over at The Digerati Life.

March 31
Jeffrey presents Tax Rap Contest posted at Personal Finance Advice. He warns you there, but here's an advance heads-up: You might want to shoo the kiddies out of the room before this video's language cranks up.

April 1
No joke here. Jay tells us why getting a big tax refund is no cause for celebration. You'll find it at New York Bankruptcy and Consumer Law Blog.

But Here is A Joke! And a special break from tax tears for tax laughter from Mad Kane's Humor Blog, where Madeleine gives us Taxing Times.

April 2
Allison, another regular at the multi-member Queercents blog, discusses preparing your taxes yourself in her Money Mondays column. 

April 3
Kristine over at Tax Tips for eBay Sellers asks and then answers the question, What taxes are you responsible for as an eBay seller?

April 4
FMF of Free Money Finance presents a way to get out of capital gains taxes and rebalance your portfolio.

April 5
Dan, posting over at the China Law Blog, offers an item on China's new unified tax and what it will mean. Seems some things are the same even halfway around the world.

April 6
Laura presents Money Honey, It's Almost Funny, aka a tax time horror story, posted at Dragon Slayer.

April 7
Praveen takes a look at a possible gross receipts tax, a cousin to the sales tax, in Illinois. It's posted at My Simple Trading System.

April 8
Larry at THE SKILLED INVESTOR Blog examines, in two parts, eight personal financial planning factors that tend to favor Roth contributions. You'll find the continuation link to part two at the end of Larry's first post.

April 9
David has some thoughts on how the government wastes your tax dollars over at My Two Dollars. See if your list matches up with his.

April 10
Dan tells us that at least one professional accounting group is not on board with tax strategy patent proposals. It's posted at Tick Marks.

April 11
Students (and parents of) will want to educate themselves via Matthew's tax tips for college students, posted at Getting To Graduation.

April 12
David at The Picket Line offers a new guide he says will help you lower your federal income tax burden, or eliminate it entirely, through adopting a low-income, simple-living lifestyle.

April 13
Paula, another of Queercents posters, tells us of her personal experiences with the two big tax software programs in TaxCut and TurboTax Duke It Out.

April 14
Ben presents Are Girl Scout Cookies Tax-Deductible? It Depends over at Money Smart Life. Uummmm. Cookies.

April 15
Crunch time! William at About: Tax Planning reminds us not to forget these tax deductions.

April 16
Almost there! Taxalicious is not a happy hybrid driver since he discovered the bait-and-switcheroo on the alternative fuel vehicle tax credit. It's posted at, where else, Taxalicious.

April 17
Finally! I live in Texas, which means among other things, the hubby and I don't have to worry about filing a state income tax return. But most Americans aren't so lucky. So if you're still working on your state filings, too, check out this Don't Mess With Taxes item on state e-filing options. Many of you might be able to send in those forms for free.

And speaking of free, I hope some of these items will make your pending tax-filing duties a little more worry free. Remember: Even though the tax clock is ticking down, don't panic! There's still plenty of time, to both get your taxes done and enjoy this 14th Carnival of Taxes. Thanks for reading.

The tents will open again on
April 9 for Tax Carnival #15, the final midway celebration before the 2007 filing deadline. Be sure to send your item for inclusion to our Blog Carnival submission page by Saturday, April 7, by clicking the button above.


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