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Carnival of Taxes #13: Lucky for you!

13th_2 It's lucky 13th Carnival of Taxes for me because Gina did all the work on this edition! It's also a piece of good tax luck for you readers, too, thanks to her stellar Carnival efforts over at Gina's Tax Articles.

The contributing blogs also did their fair share of work. Note, for example, the tax software comparison by Getting Finances Done. Kudos and many, many thanks from those of us still trying to decide whether to use the box and, if so, which one.

The telephone tax refund, something that seemed so simple, also gets additional looks from a couple of this week's Tax Carnivalistas, as does the home office deduction. We also learn how employees can claim unreimbursed business miles, thanks to my favorite-this-week blog name, Pizza Delivery Stories. I bet with that job, he has a lot more than tax tales to tell!

These are just a few of my favorite tax things in Tax Carnival #13. Improve your tax-filing luck by checking out all of the offerings. And join me in thanking Gina, a working CPA, for taking time out of her busy schedule in high tax season to put the Carnival together.

And mark March 19 on your calendar. That's when the next Carnival of Taxes will roll into town. Unless some other fellow tax blogger wants to host, it'll be back here at Don't Mess With Taxes.

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