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Beer launching mini-fridge

OK. There's no direct tax connection here. I just think a beer launching mini-fridge is ingenious and funny. A couch potato's dream.

Beer launching mini fridge screen shot Click here to see the beer launcher in action.

Such an appliance could, however, come in handy once you collapse upon finishing your 1040, too tired to make it to the icebox for some much-deserved post-filing refreshment.

Interest apparently is growing, but no word yet on just when or where it might be available.

My still unanswered question: How much do the beers spew upon opening after being launched?

And one final filing thought: With or without a beer launching refrigerator, please avoid any alcoholic beverages while doing your taxes. Enough mistakes are made on returns already.


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I only came across the beer-launching fridge today but I think it's awesome, I wonder if the guy will end up making any money out of it. there must be plenty of men in their 20s - 30s who'd love one of those, me being one of them!

It could even be used for a commercial (I bet someone's gonna pick up on that!). Budweiser also have a few ads out at the moment about the complicated relationship between a male 20something and his (beer) fridge.. - here's what happens when the fridge fights back: - they're actually quite good. maybe they can get togehter with the catapult fridge guy!

A blog about beer vids would be cool. I'd love to see them all in one place. Someone's got to do it!

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