Shades of Eliot Ness! T-men nab phone tax cheats
State tax revenue going up in no smoke

What would Willie do?

Better known here in Austin as a song inspired by local hero Willie Nelson's myriad travails, tax and otherwise, "What Would Willie Do?" also was the theme of this H&R Block ad a couple of years ago.

Thanks to taxalicious for alerting us to this classic. Like Willie, it still holds up quite nicely.

Willie's world: I highly recommend Willie's latest album, the Grammy-nominated You Don't Know Me: The Songs of Cindy Walker. Not only are the songs and Willie's delivery of them great, it's a perfect example of Willie's musical magnanimity. A major reason for recording the CD was to ensure that the contributions of a legendary songwriter are not forgotten.

Bruce Robison's ode to Willie and what he would do is included on this compilation CD. You can read the lyrics here.

For some classic Willie in his own words, check out this Q&A published in Time magazine last summer, as well as this April 2003 chat on NPR's Fresh Air. Even better than the radio conversation are the links to several of Willie's songs, including the very fitting "I'm still here."


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