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Blowing away the tax bad guys

Less than a week ago, I blogged about how to turn in a tax cheat and mentioned a new law enacted to improve the apprehension of scofflaws.

What shows up today in my e-mail box? An announcement from the IRS that the agency has just appointed Stephen A. Whitlock as director of the new Whistleblower Office.

Part of Whitlock's job will be administering the program that receives information to help uncover tax cheating.

Whistle_3_1 And, paraphrasing the Law & Order voice, the separate, yet equally important job of the office will be handing out appropriate rewards to whistleblowers.

In making the announcement, IRS Commissioner Mark W. Everson said his agency "will meet expectations" for the office and "run a robust program."

Give Whitlock a few days to get settled in his new office, then just blow!


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HP should be investigated for Mark Hurd'sManiputation od the Commision payout for 2007 2008 and 2009 this is truly a suspicious use of Millions of funds NOT payed to HP sales employees in the guise of a soffware issue this should be intestigated by the IRS and the Fed goveremt as this has been swept under some kind of Corp Carpret this is worth procesecution

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