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Just a quick note this morning, as I'm about to get on a plane and I have to finish packing.

Tap_logo_2 I'm heading to Washington, D.C., for five days. A tiny bit of it will be personal (looking forward to our dinner tonight, Maxine!). But most of my time will be filled with learning the ropes of the Taxpayer Advocacy Panel.

The Taxpayer Advocacy Panel or TAP (ahhh, it's good to be heading back to the nation's capital, home of the acronym and jargon!) is a group of volunteers tasked (see, jargon) with helping the IRS identify ways to improve customer service and satisfaction.

Quit laughing! It is possible and I'm proud to be a part of the effort.

I applied for this panel a few years ago, but didn't make the cut. Then, being nothing if not persistent, back in April I again submitted my name for consideration. This time, Uncle Sam really wants me!

I'm happy to say that obviously when I hinted at this opportunity back in July (Book me, Danno), I didn't jinx my chances.

I'm also happy to say that all those letters (well-written and thoughtful, despite the asinine actions that prompted them) that I sent to various presidents over the years (most recently to 41 and 43) apparently didn't show up in my background check.

Over the next few days, I'll be learning more about TAP, meeting my colleagues from around the United States and finding out exactly what is expected of panel members. I suspect much of our job will be dry and procedural and not that interesting to most folks, even those of you who care enough about our tax system to regularly visit Don't Mess With Taxes.

But when I can, or am even encouraged by TAP officials, to share our work, you guys will definitely read about it here.

And finally, I have to point out one other thing. The Taxpayer Advocacy Panel is a federal advisory committee established under the authority of the Department of the Treasury.

So to all you tax protesters out there who, whenever I encourage folks to pay (but not overpay) their IRS bills, accuse me of being a "tool of the government," I guess now, at least in part, you're officially right about something!


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Samuel Weeks

Is there a movement to stop the fed's from changing the tax code so we will not be able to claim as much deduction for giving to our church.

If, this cannot be stoped then recall elections should be called for against all US Senators.


I just got our federal income tax return and found that it is slightly over $1,000 more than the amount that I arrived at back in April when I did my taxes. I used TurboTax to do my taxes, so I'm surprised to get a check that differs in the amount. I have tried valiently to find someone at the IRS to talk with about this, but can't get a phone number that leads to a live person, despite the site's claim that they have live help abailable. Any suggestions as to what I should do? Can you email me with your answer? Thanks.

Ebony Stevens

I was so distraught to find out that I wouldn't be enjoyiny my 2006 tax refund. On top of that they want me to send in information showing that my children are really mine. It sucks that the economy is so screwed up and then they want to take people refund checks. That we finally waited to catch up on bills and then they take them. I have never been so horrified to be an American, why even try to suceed. When the pres. has set us up to fail.


Congratulations Kay! I applied a couple of years ago and didn't make it past the interview so I am very impressed. You will be awesome.


Congratulations, Kay! I think you'll do an excellent job.

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