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You think you've got troubles this Christmas?

Christmas presents for your special tax geek

Still searching for that perfect gift for the tax geek in your life? You can stop. Here are some great tax-related items.

Of course, given the late date, you might have to print out the image, put a bow on it and then deliver the actual present later. But these are pretty cool, so your tax geek gift recipient might not mind the wait. It sorta mirrors the whole convoluted, slow tax process itself.

OK, enough talk. Let's go shopping!

1913_tax_form_1 For the historically inclined, consider this framed reproduction of the original 1913 inaugural Form 1040. It's four pages long, including one page of instructions. The mahogany frame has a beaded edge and the ivory mat contains a brass plate identifying the document. Framed dimensions are 30" by 24" and it comes with all accessories for hanging. It's from For Counsel and costs $225 before shipping costs are calculated.

Sure you love your tax geek, but if that's a little more than your budget will allow, there's always a nice necktie. For $28.95 you can get this 100% Tax_tie_1040_form_1 silk tie in off-white featuring images of a 1040 individual income tax form, along with related terms and phrases. Perfect for any tax preparer or auditor. The tie is just one of many with financial themes at Wildties.

Your tax geek not a tie-wearing type? Then get him or her a T-shirt or tank top emblazoned with Albert Einstein's famous tax quote: "The Hardest Thing in the World to Understand Is the Income Tax." Legaltease.com also has mugs and a tote bag bearing the popular pronouncement. Prices range from $14.99 to $28.99.

Is your special tax person a game lover? Then a couple of items found on eBay should put a smile on his or her face as wide as the one found on an auditor who just discovered a massive illegal tax shelter on a return. Check out the "Screw the IRS" card game ($20.50 plus $5 shipping) and the "Stick the IRS" board game ($12.95 plus $9.95 shipping).

Irsmini1040chocobar And there's always sweets for your tax geek: Belgian chocolate "Bite Back at the IRS" and mini 1040 bars, as well as EA and CPA chocolate coins. Prices range from $32.50 to $80, but it's because you buy the candies in bulk at AnythingUnique.

Last, but definitely not least, many thanks to TaxProf for tracking down all these items. I think I'll definitely make the blog my own personal shopping site from now on!


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Hahahah, some of these gifts are priceless :)

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